Why is Migraine Risk not displaying?

This will happen in two scenarios.

1. You have an active migraine.
2. Your phones location settings are incorrect.If you are having a migraine, your Migraine Risk is 100% so Migraine Coach doesn't show the forecast.

If you're not having a migraine. Go into your phone's Settings App > Select Migraine > Location and make sure it's set to 'Always'.

Migraine Coach uses your location to fetch weather data which is a core part of the migraine risk calculation. The permission is set to 'Always' because Migraine Coach sporadically will ping your location to fetch weather data and calculate your risk in the background. 

We setup Migraine Coach to ping your location when you have moved out of a stationary radius or if another app has already flipped on the GPS. So Migraine Coach is not "always" fetching your location; reducing battery drain significantly. Even though this "not always on" behavior was built in, it still requires the "always" permission.

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